Pinjarra Golf Club presents a unique sponsorship opportunity for your business – Tee Box and Cart Signage

Why Sponsor Our Carts and Tee Boxes?

  1. Prime Exposure: Your brand will be prominently displayed on golf carts and tee boxes, ensuring that it captures the attention of every golfer who visits our course.
  2. Targeted Audience: Our golfing community consists of passionate enthusiasts who appreciate quality and value businesses that support their favourite sport.
  3. Scenic Beauty: Our course offers stunning views of lush fairways and pristine greens, providing the perfect backdrop to showcase your brand.
  4. Community Engagement: By becoming a sponsor, you will become an integral part of our golfing community, building strong relationships and generating goodwill.

Package Details:

  • Placement of your company logo on golf cart/s
  • Tee box signage with your company logo and message
  • Recognition on our website and social media channels
  • Exclusive invitations to our golf events and tournaments

This is an excellent opportunity to elevate your brand’s visibility and connect with a highly-engaged audience.

If you are interested in learning more about our Cart and Tee Box Sponsorship package, please contact the office 08 9531 1252.  We would be delighted to discuss the details, benefits, and customisation options available to align this sponsorship with your marketing goals.