As previously advised in the November 2020 newsletter, qualifying playing members are receiving Loyalty Rewards credits based on the number of years they have been playing members.

“The reward system has been designed to reward member loyalty, so for every year of continuous playing membership, Full, Senior, 9 Hole (and Senior) & Country members will be rewarded with $5 (Family Primary & Life with $2) to your members rewards card.
For example: For 1 year continuous Full membership you receive $5, 4 years continuous Full membership – $20, 10 years continuous Full membership – $50, and those members who have been with us for the likes of 46 years continuous Full membership – $230.
This will be available for you to spend over the Bar or in the Proshop, but can not be used to pay membership fees.”

These credits have now been calculated and have been credited to you Prize wallets.   

Thank you for your patience on this matter, the job was a little bit bigger and harder to calculate than first thought.

Tiffany Franklin
General Manager