Your are all invited to join our tipping competition for the 2021 AFL season. 

This year we are once again using the online competition that will allow you to tip from wherever you are and not have to come out to the club to put in your cards.  This system is very easy to run as well as very easy to compete in so I hope that you all will come on board for a bit of fun.

Lets hope we have a lot less interrupted season this year.


  1. Pay your $25 at the bar. (Must be financial by round 3)

  2. Log on to  If this is your first time on this website you will need to create a log in which is very simple using your email address and a password.  If you need help with this please see me. (If you already have a account ie. you tipped with us last year you will still be registered and will be all set up to tip again.)

  3. In the drop down list click on join group and search for Pinjarra Golf Club.

You are now ready to tip.  Make sure your tips are in before the start of the first game of the round.  Choose the winning margin for the first game of the round (this helps determine a winner in the event of a tie at the end of the season) and submit your tips.

Prize breakdown at the end of the season.
$5 of each entry to the club
$20 to total prize breakdown at the completion of the season

 1st Prize 70%
2nd Prize 20%
3rd Prize 10%

Prize amounts will be determined by the amount of entries.


Jo Havelberg
Vice President