Club Newsletter June 2020

The Board have been able to meet face to face for a more formal board meeting (rather that the almost weekly Zoom meetings) for the first time since Covid-19 restrictions really kicked in. We were joined at this meeting by a Shire representative, to discuss what grants may be available going forward and how the Club has coped during the past few months. This is an ongoing line of communication that we will build on and hope to develop the Club and course in conjunction with help from the Shire of Murray.  All the Board members have worked well together and everyone, including all the staff, have played a part in keeping the Club running smoothly in difficult and challenging times.  Again, a very big thank you to the Board, staff and many volunteers that make this great Club of ours so enjoyable for our membership.
The Club’s finances are stable. With lost revenue from no green fee players, no bar, one person only per cart, no Bingo, no Rotary, closed driving range and other lost incomes, being balanced with the government Covid-19 incentives, Jobkeeper scheme, cash boost scheme and great support from members playing more golf (nearly 500 players per week in our comps) and the increase in membership (48 new members joining the club in the last two months).  We must thank Tiffany and Deb, for all the hard work in getting all the government support available and keeping the Board up to date with the constant rules and changes that were happening.  The members should be aware of the great work being done from the admin office.

Positive changes. As you will be aware the clubhouse is open again. Golf presentations are happening again. The bar is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to be enjoyed with our massive fields playing on our competition days. On other days when we do not have so many people at the course, drinks will be available to purchase from the Pro-shop, (saving the Club money by not doubling up on wages). Additionally, we can now have two people per cart again. Rotary will return in July and BINGO is set to start on 1st July. 

On the course. You would have noticed the trees have been trimmed back (a lot) in places. This is to remove some dangerous limbs and also to let some sunlight onto the fairways. With winter coming the shadows are longer. To keep the fairways healthy the grass needs sunlight. Some help is needed from our golfers also, please knock in your divots before covering with sand (how to video from ‘Movie Man Matt’ coming soon). Pitch marks on the greens also need attention from members. Neal and the greens staff continue to do a wonderful job. Neal has also managed to maintain all this work under budget.  

Pro-shop news. We missed out on awards from the PGA awards night, however the PGA has asked our ‘Movie Man Matt’ to provide regular videos for them to post. Matt has become an internet sensation, surpassing 50,000 views in under a week from his last entertaining video, first posted on our Pinjarra Golf Club facebook page. This video starring Matt, directed by Matt & edited by Matt has travelled far and wide, receiving international feedback from as far as England. Remember, if you have any golfing equipment needs be sure to ask Matt or Craig as they can help with some great prices and even better advice. Both Matt and Craig have worked through a testing time period and deserve the respect that I am sure you all show them. 

Behind the scenes. Just so you all know, there have been a couple of other things that have happened while this Covid-19 has been going on. Deb from the office has rung those members over 70 years old that haven’t been seen around the club just to say hi and make sure things were ok.  We are sure that other members would check in on each other too, but we thought it was important to check on our members. Mike Marshall has started to ring and welcome the new members to the Club. This is to be an ongoing thing done by a board member as we look to retain all our new members. We encourage all current members to make an effort to make any new member feel welcome. Hopefully, later in the year, we will be able to announce a new initiative that rewards our existing members and thanks them for their years of loyalty.  Tiffany has used our facebook page to show support to our sponsors and local businesses in this time of pain that they must be going through.  It is nice if we can support those businesses that support us.

Good Golfing


Andrew Butterly