Dear Members

As we continue through these uncertain times and the constant rule changes, the challenge of running the Club, keeping members safe and the finances in check, are being continually worked on by the Board and staff. 

The members are our priority and as such we chose to open to members only. The Board would like to thank members for their efforts of playing within the rules that we have had to put in place. Generally, most players have been particularly good at turning up just before their game and leaving shortly after the game finishes.  Please remember, we are required to still social distance and not gather around the Club.  Some members have started to (perhaps) overstay after the game.
Please be mindful that members/players are required to:

  • Arrive just before the game and leave shortly after finishing
  • Social distance at all times
  • One person only to a cart and one bag only to a cart
  • Be booked in to play (no just turning up), even on non-comp days
  • Be pleasant when addressing our staff (it is a difficult time for them too)
  • Don’t relax or become complacence as breaking our safe handling measures, could force us to close again

As social distancing and border control measures are starting to relax, we will continue to review changes in what we can do and how we program our games of golf. We can now play in groups of four. We will also be looking to see if we play two tees or remain at just the one tee start.

Some members have offered to sponsor a day again and we will also be looking at playing some of regular yearly events like monthly mugs etc. Therefore, we will be playing some stroke events too. If you or a couple of mates are wanting to sponsor a day/event, please see your captains in Wendy and Bernie or the match committee.

For those of you on Facebook please look out for Matt’s video of the raffle draw and weekly winners of some spot prizes of $20 being added to your members prize card. These are in place of the nearest pin and long putt prizes that would normally make up part of your match fees. Matt is doing a live draw each week and it can be viewed live on Wednesdays at 4pm or can be watched at a later time. Every time you play in a comp your card is added to the draw.

At this point we would like to thank Matt and Craig for working thru these difficult times. They are taking the calls from green fee players who are often not happy that they can’t play on our course. So, it would be nice if our members could continue to be respectful and polite when talking to the boys and when “suggestions are being made”, consider emailing or talking with Board members. Match related issues (like slow play) should go to the Captains or Match committee. As a general reminder please remember to keep up with the group in front not just in front of the group behind.

Divots and pitch marks are plentiful at the moment and we can’t blame green fee players. Please look after the course we all play on.  The course is looking very nice and the return of slightly shorter rough is something I know I am thankful for.  With the slightly relaxed rules allowing groups of up to ten, Ken and his band of helpers will be starting their Wednesday busy bee morning again in May. Anyone willing to lend a hand can contact Ken Butler ‘Director of Grounds’. Ken has again been doing a wonderful job, looking after the grounds. He does get to take much of the credit for the Neal Ward crew of grounds staff, who all work extremely hard. Neal and his team completed many jobs while the players were off the course that could not have happened if we were still playing. If you see Neal working around the course, looking a little worse for wear, he is tearing his hair out with new water license requirements and red tape. A kind word or thank you for the hard work the grounds staff do, from our members, is always appreciated. We are incredibly lucky to have such dedicated staff.  

The Club finances have been helped with good size fields and the continued support of members. Some of the government incentives should start soon, (jobkeeper and others). Tiff has done a wonderful job in keeping on top of incentives, and up to date with rule changes and industry information. Tiff and Deb make a wonderful team and continue to be an asset to our club. A big thank you to both ladies from the Board, we are very appreciated of your efforts and hard work. However, even with the help from the government incentives and very hard-working staff, the Club’s finances will take a dip. Thankfully, past Boards have us in a good financial position to get thru to better times.

We would like those better times to start sooner than later. As a Board we have chosen to put the members first. We believe that it has been great for people’s mental health to be able to return to golf and for their physical health too. As the social distancing rules start to relax, we will slowly relax our rules too. From playing in two’s to playing in fours. From one tee starts to two tee starts.

The balance between income verses members health and safety is one being considered and how that is overcome when we do allow green fee players back on the course. The Board would like to hear the members thoughts on when and how we allow the green fee players access back at our Club.

Options to consider are:

  1. Allow a green fee player/s on only as a guest of a member and that member playing in the group.
  2. Allow our known groups (WANGS, Golf Network groups, etc) on in group booking during quiet times Sunday or Monday.
  3. Open up the non-comp days to the general public and make as much as we can as quickly as we can to try and make up for our losses.
  4. Allow a combination of A&B

A slow introduction of change is the preferred option of the Board. Something that is in line with the relaxing of the government’s rules and social distancing. We are not looking at making any drastic decisions, but members need to be aware that while we continue to trade as a member only course, we are losing money. Conversely, bringing additional green fee players will bring increases chances of risk. We look forward to hearing from our membership.

Please stay safe and continue to enjoy the fact that we are one of the few games/sport able to be played.

Kind regards Andrew Butterly
President Pinjarra Golf Club