As part of the directives regarding COVID – 19, golf novelties, in which a player must handle to record information and leave to the next player to do same, must cease.

It has been decided that instead of reducing comp fees, the Club will hold lucky draws with prizes from the money raised from the novelties.

How it will work:

  • Each time you pay and play in a comp, your scorecard will be retained and placed in a barrel.  This is your entry into the lucky draw.  The more times you play, the more entries you have. There is nothing for you to do, other than play golf.
  • Once all the chaos is over, and the Clubhouse can reopen, the Club will hold a BIG re-opening party.  The lucky draws will take place then.  At this stage we cant tell you how many prizes will be up for grabs, or when the party will happen as this will depend on how long this crazy situation lasts.

On another note, Ball Sweeps have also been suspended until further notice.

The Club is trying to do the best for our Members and our Club, whilst being compliant with the daily changes being implemented on us all. 
Please stay safe, be mindful of social distancing, familiarise yourself with the new rules, and we strongly encourage you to “play and leave”.

Tiffany Franklin